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Michael Lebor – Lebor FIlms

Lebor Films is the website of filmmaker Michael Lebor, who is in partnership with Robur TV. He has worked extensively for TV, charity and corporate clients.

He started filming in 2003 after a chance meeting with a born again Christian, who told him the most incredible story of his experiences and faith. Michael decided to dedicate his life to searching and investigating the cause of two human beings, so similar in so many ways, having fundamental differences in how they viewed the world and the reality of existence.

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I shot this ‘behind the scenes featurette’ in 2012 and the film was released in 2013. An excerpt of this video is available on the BFI website. Director Rani (Eran) Creevy teamed up with the producers of his first film ‘Shifty’, which was very well received and critically acclaimed. In this film, Rani and the production team decided on a more mainstream, slick, Hollywood style film. Lebor Films

The film has an amazing cast -James McCavoy, Mark Strong, Andrea Riseborough, Johnny Harris, Peter Mullan, Danny Mays and it was a pleasure to interview them for this featurette. It is exec produced by Ridley Scott and Scott Free, so it’s a Hollywood movie with a British heart.

Posted on 22nd July 2013 in Entertainment

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